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Infosys co-founder Mr. Narayana Murthy thinks that Indians should work for 60 hours a week in the next 2-3 years to revive the economy

Every country in the world has been affected by Covid. The economies are crashing. Everyone was worried about how to overcome this crisis. Even in India as the lockdown appears to end soon, everyone was wondering how to start the revival of the country once this lockdown is over. Several experts are sharing their own plans to help the country. One such person is Infosys co-founder Mr. Narayana Murthy. He shared his view on how the country can come up with a plan of revival

Mr. Murthy said the factories to be reopened should be based on the data about who is the most vulnerable. He thinks that as the elderly are most vulnerable the factories must supply them with protective gear like masks, goggles, suits, etc. Also, he said if he had a chance to come up with the plan he would make sure that all the younger people would work at the firms with this protective gear and all the elderly would work from home.

He said that the government should analyze the data and make decisions. Relying on data is necessary rather than relying on opinions.

He also said that even if the government is going to test 1 lakh, people, a day, it would take the last person to get tested only after 37 years. Hence the country should learn to live with the virus for the next 12-18 months at least with no vaccine in sight.

He said that Indians should take a vow and help the country to revive the economy by working 10 hours per day and 6 days a week. He feels that only this is necessary to help the government in reviving the country’s economy. Also, he thinks that the govt. should appoint a committee of experienced individuals who can guide the government to handle the businesses.

For the startups and small companies, the govt. should look to allocate loans. In this way, the govt. can make sure that there is enough capital for these firms to run for at least 6 more months. He also further added that the need of the hour is productivity. Whatever it is that improves productivity should be given a priority. Even if it is working from home or working from office if it is improving your productivity and the productivity of the organisation, it should be made a priority.

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