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Investment and creation of jobs: Trump’s agenda during India visit

America President Donald Trump is set to visit India this month. He will be visiting New Delhi during his tour to India. As part of his visit, he will be meeting executives from multiple large Indian companies to discuss investments and job creation.

Some of the industry executives who are about to attend the meeting are Reliance industries, Indian oil and gas company, Tata sons group. Auto sector companies such as Bharat Forge, Mahindra & Mahindra, Motherson also are expected to participate in the meeting. Executives from US will not be participating in this meeting.

The main agenda of Trump during his visit will be about investing and the creation of jobs in the country. Trump believes this will be crucial for his re-election later this year. Trump wants to acknowledge the Indian companies which are planning to or currently manufacturing in the USA, with the USA being a key part of Indian manufacturing.

Mahindra is planning to invest 1 billion dollars in the USA and planning to create American jobs. Bharat forge is also planning to invest 56 million dollars in North Carolina to set up a new plant. Tata group is one of the largest headquartered companies in the United States belonging to India, with 13 companies and more than 35,000 individuals.

However, the final list of all the participants who will be participating in the meeting is yet to be finalized.

During his visit, apart from this meeting with this industry executives Trump will also attend an event which will be held at a stadium in Gujarat. This will be a similar event to the ‘Howdy Modi ‘event which happened last year in Texas where both of the leaders of the nation made a joint appearance.

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