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Is it worth doing an Online MBA/ MS Degree from an Online University?

For most of the working professionals, getting a masters degree online sounds promising as it doesn’t let them quit their jobs. But, is it worth it? Online Degree, as the name states, is a degree that you get via internet/online. Β Unlike the traditional classroom training, you would be learning everything online via video lectures.

Should I go for an online course?

– If you can learn things online via traditional classroom training via personal interactions, this is not right for you

– You should have the capability to analyze and understand things yourself given a brief overview on the subject

– People who opt for online courses are those who are already engaged in work/ other means.  You should have a strong dedication to pursue and complete the course. Otherwise, you may loose interest in a couple of days/ months as it is not easy to manage time

Is an online degree worth it?

Yes it is , if it is pursued from a recognized University and also not that online degrees are usually not valued equally with traditional classroom degrees. You can choose an online degree if your goal is only to get a degree and you cannot afford to quit your job. Be very careful while choosing an online degree as there are several online university scams that are happening worldwide wherein a set of fake universities are granting worthless degrees collecting huge sums of money. Here is an article describing how online universities scam people rewarding them degrees that turned out to be useless.

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