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Jobs offers made to the graduates from IIMs, MDI, SPJIMR are revoked by Uber

The widespread of coronavirus has not only affected the salaried employees but also the graduates who are searching for a job on the job market. The current situation has become worse as the graduates who even got their offers from the companies are being rescinded.

Recently companies like Gartner, Work India have done the same thing of rescinding the offers already made to the graduates. Now it’s Uber who is canceling all the offers it made to the management students of Indian Institute of Management(IIM), Management Development Institute(MDI), and S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research(SPJIMR)

The company has already announced the layoffs in its offices across the globe. To this day, around 3700 Uber employees have lost their jobs. On May 13, the employees who are going to be laid off have received this message via a Zoom conference call.

Uber has also informed the management college’s placement heads regarding the revoking of the offers it made to its students. The students whose offers are rescinded are from IIM Lucknow, IIM Kozhikode, IIM Calcutta, MDI, SPJIMR

Along with Uber, several other companies also revoked the job offers made to the students. Now the future of these students is uncertain, as they were hoping to start their careers by securing a job offer that ultimately goes revoked. Most of the students have secured a job that pays above the average salary in the current placement season. Most of the companies which made offers to the students are multinational companies, tech majors, etc.

Recently, several recruiters are withdrawing at the last minute due to the lockdown situation. IIM Bangalore has already informed that it will be reaching out to the recruiters that are not part of the placement drive but showed interest in hiring their students.

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