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Karnataka government requests the US to set up a Visa center in Bangalore.

On Tuesday, the government of Karnataka has renewed its request to the US government to set up a visa center in Bangalore. The Karnataka government also promised to provide its support to implement fresh investments in the state. This happened during the video conference between the Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka, Dr. CN Ashwath Narayan, and the US Consulate General in Chennai.

Dr. Narayan has spoken to the press by saying that nearly 70% of the South Indian people who are traveling to the USA are from Karnataka. He said that he made it clear about this situation to the Consulate and has renewed the interest to set up the Visa center

He also assured that the state government will provide any kind of support to the companies which are planning to move their base to Karnataka or set up their branches in the Karnataka, post-COVID scenario.

Further, he added that Information Technology, Biotechnology, etc departments have started talks with several countries in order to improve the relations. He said that Chief Minister Yediyurappa is also keen on this. He also announced that the government is looking to help the companies which are planning to shift from China, through Investment Promotion Taskforce.

It was also told that the government has already done several land reforms and modified labor laws in order to smoothen the experience for any company planning to set up its branch in Karnataka. He finally concluded by saying that the US Consulate General had appreciated the government of Karnataka in its efforts for setting up a Visa center.

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