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Learn from the best. Tips from Satya Nadella on how to properly Work from Home

In this current scenario of the epidemic, work from home is a mandatory thing. Even after this pandemic situation is gone, work from home or remote working culture might stay. To help you properly work from home, here are some of the tips from Satya Nadella to improve your productivity. Satya Nadella’s colleague at Microsoft Jared Spataro written an article about it, which Nadella has shared in social media which is about the early lessons learned by the company.

Maintain guidelines while WFH
There are always training protocols for a person when he joins the company. Similarly, there should be work from home protocols for any person when wants to work remotely. This is to avoid questions like how do I set up my machine? when to take a break? etc.

Handling continuous meetings
According to Spataro, when a meeting happens in the workplace they have dedicated timings and regular breaks. The total time of meetings includes the walk from the desk to the meeting/conference room, catching up with your colleague before everyone arrives, etc. While working remotely, to solve this problem Spataro has an idea. This is to include the extra minutes taken by the individual to fully prepare themselves for the meeting.

It’s always a great practice to separate work and home. Those two are separate worlds. You should enjoy your personal time daily. This can be while traveling to work or a post-workout time, etc. It can be anything. But its important to have one. Take a definite break from work even if you are working remotely. This will indirectly increase your productivity.

Microsoft is conducting virtual meditation classes for its employees. Follow these steps to have a peaceful meditation session. Find a place where you cannot be interrupted. Set your microphone to mute(an important step) so that others shouldn’t get disturbed by the sounds from your place. Now peacefully watch the session, where the session leader guides you on different techniques

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