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Letter of Recommendation for Jobs- the top 10 mistakes that you make!

Writing a Letter of Recommendation yourself on behalf of the professor or the employer
– If you are writing it yourself, making it very generic by including statements like β€œHe has performed well in the company/college”. Common guys- The companies/colleges you are applying to , have employees who got brains to identify the LOR’s written by self
– If it is not very generic, making hell of spelling mistakes that would make anyone know that the writer is a non native English speaker. The title might say it was written by the professor of XX University. He cannot be a professor if he writes in this way
– Not including any specific incidents happened during your time in the University/college making your LOR boring and artificial
– Praising yourself in every sentence that you wrote in the most obvious way making your fakeness obvious
– Talking about everything apart from the main outcome of your stay there, especially when you are getting it from a company , again makes your LOR invaluable
– A bad conclusion or non inclusive of a conclusion or an obvious conclusion will reduce your chances. Sometimes, even if the entire LOR is not extra-ordinary, a good conclusion can get you into the University/Company you applied for!
– If your skills are not included as part of the LOR, it might not satisfy your client!
– If the reason for your application is not presented, it is going to reduce your chances
– If there is ambiguity in any of your impacting statements, you are out!

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