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LOR – letter of recommendation ! LOR sample, LOR tips and LOR FAQ

Lor (letter of recommendation) is something that makes you glow! Having no lor is better than having a bad lor!  For those professors or professionals who are not sure if they can write an effective lor, better inform the students rather than writing something bad and screwing their careers! And students, dont write an lor yourself and get i signed by your professor! People at top universities are intelligent enough to differenciate lor’s written by students and profs! Find someone who can really write something for you

Tips for writing an LOR that works!

– Before writing one, understand the qualities that must be High lighted

– not just the technical skills, include the candidates  social and team building skills as well

– Understand the position the candidate is applying for and accordingly highlight the feature in the lor and this makes the lor more specific

–  Do mention how you are related to the person you are writing about in the lor

– You need to get the candidate out of the pool right! So , use phrases that would make the reader understand social, technical and attitude of the candidate! you can use phrases like ” I am lucky to have a student like <name> who lead his solar project team and eventually stood first”

– Better include your contact details at the end as it makes the lor more original and genuine!

– Do not forgot to include the recommendation at the end

LOR sample: Augusto is a professor at an engineering college and John was his student few years ago!

To whomever it may concern

I am delighted to write this lor on behalf of  John, whom i have known for 5 years. John requested me to write an lor for him and i believe it is my pleasureI met John when I was taking my first class for the new computer science batch in 2005!  I usually ask my students a few basic questions on computers during the first class and i am surprised as John answered the most complex question I asked that day and this made me remember him for life! Not just that, he stood as one of the class toppers and topped computer networks, the subject I tought.  His thinking is out of box and i am still researching on one of the questions he asked me during practicals. He coded a multi chat application using his networking and coding skills and i am delighted to say that the project is implemented in our own college.  Interestingly,  John is one such student who is still in contact with me after 5 years and who takes suggestions from me regarding his career and future.  I would strongly recommend John for graduate admission in your University and I believe he is going to enhance his technical skills and stands out as one of the best students in terms of everything!Sincerly,Augusto,Head of Department- CS,Stanley College of Engineering, UK

This is a sample LOR and please do not copy paste it! This lor is just for referencehope you liked the post! Please find some of our most read and liked posts here

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