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Master of Education Technology – The course, top colleges and careers

An education technology degree is all about how you deliver your knowledge in the most effective way utilizing the current technology means. Put in simple terms, education technology implies the technologies required to impart quality education to the students. This is a course that is always in demand and you will be in demand if you knowledge on the technology is always up to date.

Who does the course?

An educator or tutor who is interested in learning advanced technologies and enhance his/her position within the field. This is a course not usually chosen by inexperienced. An experience is good as you need to teach real students as a part of the course and this might not be easy without prior experience

Most of the Universities offer two types of degrees related to education technology. A master’s degree that will help teachers to design learning experiences and this lasts for a longer duration. The other is a certification program that would help them integrate learning projects into their classrooms and lasts for a shorter duration. As a part of this certification, the teacher doesn’t migrate to a new job but rather improve the existing one. You can also opt for a degree online if you do not want to give your current job a pause.

These are some of the schools where you can opt for masters in education technology

–       Lawrence tech University

–       University of Bridgeport

–       Michigan State University

–       San Diego State University

–       University of Hawaii Manoa


You might continue your regular job by enhancing it with your knowledge or opt for a new job depending on your interest.  You can get a job in colleges, Universities, government, tourist places, museums , hospitals etc. Typical job categories include but not limited to instructional designers, distance learning developers, online teachers, coordinators, technology directors, profile evaluators etc.  Technology is one a rise and hence the demand for educational technology practitioners. Your degree can fetch you a job in government, technology or management areas with amazing paychecks if you associate yourself with the right computing and administrative skills needed for the job

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