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Master of Networking and System Administration – the course, requirements, curriculam and careers

A master’s degree in networking is a combination of engineering, system communication and monitoring and offers you one of the crucial roles required for the major firms to run- network engineer!  With your knowledge attained as a part of the course, you will learn how to maintain large networks, resolve issues in a timely fashion, maintain security and firewalls and the protocols used in communications.


–           You need to have a bachelors degree from a recognized University – preferably in computer science engineering or electronics

–           You must  clear the cut off criteria set by Universities for international entrance exams like GRE or TOEF

–           A relevant experience in the industry will add a boost your acceptance chances

–           Letters of recommendation

–           Statement of Purpose

What do you learn as a part of the course?

Since networking is a mix of several subjects, you will need to learn about many interesting subjects of computers and networks that are interlinked

Database: Learn how data is stored, relational database management systems, sql queries and as part of security, SQL Injections

Protocols: The various means by which communication happens across devices, between networks and through the internet. The best example would be Http – Hyper text transfer protocol

Security – Security is a part of any networking course and you learn about various security hacks, the webgoat project, top 10 security flaws , web security , application security etc based on your course

With your proficiency in these subjects, you have the core responsibility to secure the company’s infrastructure. A good network engineer must have the basic business knowledge apart from the technical knowledge in order to succeed in the field. A company can lose a fortune overnight if there is a network flaw meaning, a network engineer is more crucial to an organization compared to an application developer.


With a master’s degree in Networking, you can grab the job of a network administrator, system administrator, network engineer or network technician based on the course you have chosen. As a system or network administrator, you will need to monitor the network traffic, resolve networking issues, grant users permissions to access various resources, generate accounts and preserve crucial data. As a network engineer, you will develop software required for network communication between points. A network engineer gets a bigger pay cheque compared to an administrator. However, if you can excel in administration, you will sell like a hot cake as no company can survive without a network or system administrator for a day!

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