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Masters in Germany – Eligibility and application process

Germany, the new emerging destination for students planning for higher studies is a rich country comprising of Universities that are both research and practical oriented. The former includes those that are into technology and can get you a PhD degree while the later includes art, design, science and engineering Universities that can get you a job in the corresponding core industries but cannot award a PhD degree.

Eligibility for attaining an admission for masters programs in German Universities:

–       You must have a bachelors degree from a recognized University from your home country

–       You must have satisfied the cut off threshold in international Exams like TOEFL, GRE etc based on the course you are choosing. For example, masters in engineering require GRE or IELTS scores while management degrees or economic degrees require GMAT scores.

–       If you are familiar with German, you can look no further. The language is easy to learn and you may need to clear DSH to attain admission in few Universities. Some Universities will have programs that will teach you the language from the scratch. However, you may not need to learn the language if you are opting for a technology course as all the subjects are tought in both English and German and you can opt for English.

How to apply for a University in Germany:

–       Browse through the University website, get the contacts of the international offices and request for Application forms.

–       Fill the form completely and submit it with all the necessary documents like degree certificate, experience certificate, letter of recommendations, statement of purpose, aggregate score reports including your score reports (GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL etc) based on  the field you have chosen

With more than 300 Universities, about 150 post graduate programs are offered in Germany and a wide range of courses like arts, design , engineering, social work, public policy, science, politics, economics, business, medicine etc are covered. If you have chosen the course you are interested in, German Education is going to enhance your interest. The typical duration of a master’s degree program is 2 years which is covered in 4 semesters. It can also be done in a year based on the course you have chosen.

One of the main reasons for choosing Germany as a destination is affordability. These Universities are much cheaper compared to those in USA or UK and offer scholarships to many international students. You just need to spend for your living and not the tuition fee. You can easily balance your expenses provided you are not in an ultra rich location and not leading a lavish lifestyle. Though pursuing master programs in Germany has its own advantages, many international students still prefer USA due to the higher reputation of Universities and the scope of settling soon in huge multinational companies. So, choose Germany if you do not really want to settle in the country and are looking for a real research oriented knowledge rather than the theory

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