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Masters in Zoology – Importance, careers and top colleges

A zoologist is one who studies about animals, their behavior and habitat. They are indeed referred to as scientists since they are responsible for the study of the entire life of animals including animal diseases and discovery of cure for the same.

The number of animal species discovered till date is huge and hence the number of career opportunities for zoology scientists.  Most of the zoologists work as research scientists in Universities / zoology research institutes. Along with research, they usually take up teaching activities at the same college/University.

A graduate degree in Zoology is good enough to get entry-level jobs in the field but a masters degree can directly fetch you senior positions with a better pay package. You will have better chances of getting a researcher role compared to common zoologist roles like wildlife educators or animal behaviorists.

. Top colleges for masters in Zoology

While the colleges classification has to be done based on the sub branches of zoology like physiology, zoography, ecology, ethology etc., these are pretty good colleges for any of these sub branches.

–       Harvard School of Medicine

–       Washington University

–       Johns Hopkins University

–       Duke University

–       School of Medicine – University of Pennsylvania

–       University of California

–       University of Michigan

–       Columbia University

–       Stanford University

–       University of Washington

Before taking up masters in Zoology, you need to good at basics of Biology. Some courses do need mathematical and chemistry subjects in your undergraduate degree in Biology. If research is of your primary interest, a masters degree is a must.  Though your social life may sound dull, if you are interested in animal research, a career in zoology is not only exciting but you can be an inspiration to your students and enjoy a great pay if you have the zeal in you!

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