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Mathematics Graduate Degree – Requirements, top schools and amazing careers!

A graduate degree in mathematics or master of mathematics degree is typically a two year degree for the geeks. Other variations or types include Master of Science in mathematics, applied mathematics, actuarial science and computational engineering.

Admission requirements:

A mathematics graduate degree usually requires a bachelor’s degree in subjects like statistics or other forms of mathematics; if not a relevant professional experience should also work.  Whatever be the case, study of mathematics at least in one semester is mandatory to get admission in most of the universities. For international students, cutoff scores in GRE or TOEFL are required based on the University

Why a graduate degree?

A bachelor’s degree in mathematics can work but a graduate degree is essential to seek a high paying career in fields including statistics, research, engineering design etc. You can get seniors positions as your starting career if you have a graduate degree

Top 10 schools for pursuing Mathematics degree:

–       Massachusetts Insititute of technology

–       Harvard University

–       Stanford University

–       University of California – Berkeley

–       Princeton University

–       University of Chicago

–       California Institute of Technology

–       University of Michigan

–       University of California- Los Angeles

–       Columbia University


As a part of the degree, your analytical, logical, problem solving, reasoning, programming, communication, time and resource management, IT and teamwork skills will increase that will fetch you a job in multiple sectors including banking, investment, stocks, forex trading, management of financial entities, accounts, pension planning, actuarial work, research, problem analysis, commerce  and statistics. If you have a desire for teaching, you need not look beyond.  There is a huge demand for mathematics teachers in schools and Universities across USA and UK and with a graduate degree in mathematics; you can get a professor job with ease.

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