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Medicine in USA – Requirements, Admissions, Average MCAT scores for Schools

Medicine, the dream of many has definitely got more value if it is pursued at USA. Though the cost of pursuing education, especially in medicine and related fields is very high in USA, the exposure that you get here is splendid and your future would be on swing due to the availability of sophisticated and high quality equipment in most of the Universities.

Admission to medical school in USA requires one to take up a test called MCAT – medical college admission test, scores of which are recognized and accepted by the medical schools in USA. The test was initially a paper based test and on 2007, computer based test has come into picture. All your skills like problem solving, written, analytical and critical analysis are tested in MCAT.

Like other entrance tests like GRE, you need to take the test at Prometric centers spread across the states. The test is conducted more than 25 times in a year. It is good to take the test while you are in the second year of your under graduation. The duration of the test is 4.5 to 5 hours and you can opt for the timing – either morning or afternoon. Be prepared with subjects like Physical and biological sciences as you are going to get most of the questions from these subjects. All are of multiple choice types and the test is not computer adaptive, meaning the difficulty does not change with the correctness of the answer. Your problem solving skills are determined by your score in Physical sciences and your subject knowledge in Biological sciences. The other sections are meant for determining your verbal ability.

MCAT scores by school

The following list provides average MCAT scores for medical admission in few top Universities in USA. Note that these are not accurate and are provided based on the averages of scores for several years

Average MCAT score for Harvard – 11.7R

Average MCAT score for Stanford Medical School – 11.7Q

Average MCAT score for Washington University – 12.3Q

Average MCAT score for University of California – 11.7 Q (San Diego)

Average MCAT score for Northwestern University – 11.7Q

Average MCAT score for Baylor Medical College – 11.7Q

Average MCAT score for Dartmouth- 11Q

Average MCAT score for Brown University – 11.7Q

Average MCAT score for University of Texas – 11.3Q (Southwestern)

Average MCAT score for New York University – 11.7Q

Average MCAT score for University of California – 11Q

Average MCAT score for Michigan Medical School – 11.7Q

Average MCAT score for University of Massachusetts – 11Q
Medical schools that accept low MCAT scores

These are few medical schools that you can look for if you could not score high in MCAT

Average MCAT score for Ohio University – 8.4

Average MCAT score for Nova Southeastern University – 8.3

Average MCAT score for Howard University – 8.2

Average MCAT score for Edward Via Virginia College – 8

Average MCAT score for West Virginia Medical school – 7.8

Average MCAT score for Pikeville college – 7.3

These are some of the facts one has to remember for pursuing medicine in USA

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