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MS in Canada – top universities, requirements and Canadian student visa

Masters Education Canada

Canada is known for its quality education that is recognized around the whole world. It is a great place for international students to meet people from different cultures. MS in Canada is cheaper compared to USA, UK or Australia and the deadlines are much earlier. Interestingly, Canadian universities give more preference to TOEFL than GRE unlike American Universities. (Most of the schools demand a score greater than 90 in iBT). The other scores that are considered are IELTS and MELAB.

Top universities for MS in Canada

  1. University of Waterloo
  2. University of Toronto
  3. Simor Fraser University
  4. Carleton University
  5. University DE MONTREAL

Ms in Canada Requirements:

You need to have a splendid academic track record to get an admit for MS program from one of the top schools in Canada.  Usually, you need to have a score of 90+ in TOEFL, 1200 in GRE and 70 in academics to get into a good university for MS in Canada. However, this varies widely with university. You need to provide transcripts of each semester you have completed during your graduation. Note that the transcripts must be in English language.

Canadian student Visa

For pursuing ms in Canada, one has to obtain a Canadian student visa. It takes about 2 months for processing. Obtain the Canadian student visa application kit and submit it to the Canadian high commission.  The following documents are required

–       Student application form completely filled

–       Supplementary questionnaire completed

–       Letter of acceptance from a Canadian school

–       A valid passport

–       Draft to pay the visa processing fee

–       Any proof of funds

You will have an interview with a Canadian visa officer and also need to pass a medical examination to obtain the visa.

Student Issues:Opportunities to earn while you learn are comparatively less in Canada compared to that of USA. Even on campus jobs are difficult to obtain. However, one can opt for practical training by contacting the foreign student adviser. Accommodation is available in the form of campus housing, campus dormitory and off campus housing. Off campus housing is usually cheaper and few international students usually live together in an apartment and share the rent which is 700$ max. Also, every student must contribute to health insurance which is about 35$ a month.This is all about pursuing masters in Canada. All the best to those planning for masters degree in Canada!

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