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MS in Electrical Engineering degree- Sub branches, scope and opportunities

All the electrical engineers out there,  you are lucky because you are considered employed if you have the stuff in you. Reason being, electricity is ever green and so the opportunities. If you are planning for masters in electrical engineering in USA and not able to choose the  sub branch, the information following may help you at least a bit!

Sub branches

These are the five major sub branches in electrical engineering

Signal Processing: You got to analyze the digital and analog signals and may need to develop software for sound recognition. Other profiles may include designing display for digital cameras!

Mechatronics: This is a mix of several subjects of electrical as well as mechanical and computer engineering fields. Mechatronics engineers are responsible for designing complex systems like Mars Rovers, anti lock brakes etc

Instrumentation : As the name indicates, it is all about working on measuring instruments like flow meters, thermometers, scales etc.

Telecommunications:  Again, as per the name, telecommunication engineers work on communication signals. They need to ensure that signals are going through al the midiums without fail and also determine the way of communication like fiber optic cables, satellites etc.  The engineer is basically responsible for maintaining the media.

Microelectronics:  Microelectronic engineers are more into electronics than electrical stuff. The are involved in manufacture of devices like capacitors, resistors, transistors , diodes etc  i.e all the micro electronic components. These engineers possess knowledge on semiconductors and material science.p

Top Employers that hire electrical engineers

As described above,  the jobs are plenty but you need to have the stuff. Reason being, electricity is the driving factor behind working of all the machines in this world. Few of the major companies that hire electrical engineers include SIEMENS, HAVELLS, TNEB, BHEL etc.  Almost all the big companies have separate electrical department and they do hire electrical engineers for the same.  Also, for MS and Phd graduates, there is scope to work on research in electricity.

All the best to all the electrical engineering degree aspirants out there!

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