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MS in nanotechnology in USA – Top Univerisites and Future scope

Nanotechnology is one field that lets you study the tiniest of things – atoms and molecules. Every object in this world is composed of these tiniest entities and in as a nano technology student, you learn about the basics of atoms and molecules and utilize the knowledge to develop structures of various sizes.

Controlling matter at the atomic level is what you learn as a part of this course. This is inturn dependent on several other subjects like biology, chemistry, semiconductors, surface physics etc.

Nanotechnology education was first started by the University of Toronto.  You would be studying nanotechnology along with other related subjects mentioned above. Universities offer bachelors, masters and PhD in the course. If you have already done bachelors in any of the related courses and planning for a career in nanotechnology, an MS in the field would help you!

Top Universities for MS in nanotechnology in USA:

–          University of Virginia

–          University of Albany

–          University of North Carolina

–          Purdue University

–          University of Toronto

–          Arizona State University

–          Johns Hopkins University

–          Joint school of Nano science and Nano engineering

–          Louisiana tech university

–          North Dakota State University

–          Radiological Technologies University

–          Rice University

Future scope:

Nanotechnology is used in the creation of machines that would be used in a variety of fields including but not limited to medicine, electrical, bioscience, nuclear energy etc.  The growth is slightly hindered by the fact that the expirements conducted as part of the subject may lead to serious environmental issues. However, research is still going on and hopefully, one would have a world with no scarcity of power someday if the subject is used in the right way to build atomic power generators.

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