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Airtel introduces new Work from home plans

In these times of work from home, Airtel is the latest telecom operator to introduce Work from home exclusive plans to its subscribers. Previously, Jio and BSNL have done the same thing. Airtel says that these plans are specifically designed for people who are working from home. These plans also come with the access of several tools like Google Meet, Zoom, etc, which are helpful to the employees while working from home.

These Airtel plans have two components, Add-on bundles, and essentials

Essential Plans:
1. Airtel Corporate BroadBand: The plan starts at Rs.799. It comes with 1Gbps data speed and unlimited local and STD calls.

2. Priority 4G SIM with GSuite: In this plan, the user will get a priority Airtel 4G SIM with the facility of unlimited video conferencing and 30GB of cloud storage per user. The GSuite and several other tools available can be used to collaborate easily with the teammates of the employee, Airtel claims.

3.Corporate Mi-FI with GSuite: This plan provides 50GB priority 4G data per month to the user along with the GSuite licenses. This plan costs Rs.2000, once per device.

4. MPLs over 4G: This plan facilitates the offices to extend their MPLs network to their employees’ homes.

Add-on plans:
1. Priority 4G Corporate Postpaid SIM along with GSuite: This plan starts at Rs. 399. Under this plan, the user will get a Priority 4G postpaid sim along with the licenses of GSuite. The calls will be unlimited and the user will be credited 50GB 4Gdata per month.

2. Airtel Collaboration Services: Airtel is also providing services like videoconferencing and Messaging solutions like Google Meet, Cisco WebX, and Zoom. Until September 30, the users will have access to Google Meet.

3. Provider Provision VPN: This comes with customized prices. As part of this plan, businesses can allow their employees to access their company’s applications, cloud services, and secure files.

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