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Non accredited Universities – Are they good? How are they different from scam Universities?

Before knowing what are all the non accreditation Universities are, it is good to understand why Accreditation is important and the consequences of graduating from a non accredited University. Accreditation is different from authorization. A University might be authorized to grant a degree but might not be accredited by any agency. A degree from a University that is not accredited is not accepted if you are planning for a career in civil services. There are also few private employers that do not value degrees from these schools irrespective of their legal authorization. Don’t get excited about the advertisements that these schools offer as there are no written proofs stating whatever they are showing.

A University that is well established may also lose your accreditation under financial crisis or due to any other factors that are not legit. Also, there are some religious Universities that do not apply for accreditation.  Moving from an accredited University to a non accredited University is the biggest blunder masters in US aspirant can ever make, as it may fetch you more peanuts now but you will end up losing everything in the long run. Students usually do this as the non accredited Universities drive the students in, by offering CPT in the first semester which is actually invalid

This is a short list of Universities that are not accredited

–         Addison State University

–         American Central University

–         American City University

–         American Global University

–         American National University

–         American University of Hawaii

–         Andersonville Theological Seminary

–         Atlanta University

–         Atlantic International University

–         Barrington University

–         Belford University

–         Bettis Christian University

–         Bienville University

–         California Graduate school of theology

–         California Southern University

–         Carlingford University

–         Carolina International University

–         Columbia Pacific University

–         Columbus University

–         Dorcas University

–         Delta International University of New Orleans

–         Eastern Caribbean University

–         Farifax University

–         Farington University

–         Frederick Taylor University

–         Generale University

–         George Wythe University

–         Georgia Christian University

–         Glendale University

–         Golden State University

–         Hamilton University

–         Herguan University

–         Huntington pacific University

–         Intercontinental University

–         International American University

–         International University of Ministry and Education

–         Irish International University

–         Kensington University

–         Kepler Space University

–         Madison University

–         Metro University

–         Miami Christian University

–         Mississippi International University

–         National University of Nigeria

–         North Central University

–         Novus University

–         Ohio Christian College

–         Pacific International University

–         Pacific Southern University

–         Queenston University

–         Richmond Open University

–         Stratford International University

–         Rutherford University

–         San Francisco International University

–         St. John’s University

–         St. Paul’s College& Seminary

–         South Pacific University

–         Stanton University

–         Suffield University

–         Thunderwood online college

–         Tri- Vally University

–         Trinity Southern University

–         Universal University

–         University of Berkley at Pennsylvania

–         University of Fairfax

–         University of Industry

–         University of North America

–         University of Northern Washington

–         University of Sedona

–         Vancouver University

–         Washington International University

–         Washington School of Theology

–         WARP University

–         Wisconsin International University

–         Woodfield University

–         Worldwide International University

One interesting fact to notice here is that, most of the Christian colleges or religious Universities are not accredited. A non accredited University is not a scam University but scam universities is a subset of non accredited Universities. It is not a right thing to say that a degree from a non accredited University is completely useless. There are people who graduated from these and are well settled in their chosen field.  A University that is accredited now might lose its accreditation at a later date and a non accredited University may get accreditation at any time. So choose your University carefully, work hard in your chosen field and no one can prevent you from reaching the success flag!

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