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Now its Tech Mahindra. Pune Labor Commission has sent a notice to Tech Mahindra for imposing salary cuts

Pune’s Tech Mahindra has received a notice from the Pune Labor Commissioner’s office after an IT employee welfare organization has filed a complaint against Tech Mahindra over the reduction of salaries to its employees. The complaint has been filed by NITES(National Information Technology Employees Senate). NITES has received lots of complaints from the employees of Tech Mahindra.

Last week, the employees of Tech Mahindra has received a mail stating that the shift allowance payments ranging from Rs. 5000 to 10000 will be discontinued from May 1. Reports say that over 13000 employees are affected due to this. Earlier, Wipro has been subjected to such notice.

The letter says that NITES demands strong and strict action against the Tech Mahindra Pune branch, due to the company failing to follow the human rights and also violating the Maharashtra Government’s state orders. Along with the letter, a notice has also been sent by Nikhil Walke, Assistant Labor Commissioner. The Maharashtra Govt. orders are that during the lockdown, no employer should cut the salaries of their employees.

In response, a Tech Mahindra spokesperson has said that the employees who are coming to the office to work at odd hours are being paid the shift allowances and also to the people who are at client locations. Also, it is said that their primary focus is to ensure the well being of the employees and associates of Tech Mahindra while continuing the business.

The company has informed during the Q4 results that some of its clients are cutting down discretionary spending. The company also was affected in the BPO business, due to the delayed approval of work from home. Several analysts also confirmed that all the BPO businesses in the country are affected due to the same delay in getting the approval of the work from home of its employees.

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