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One-fifth of the H1B Visa applicants are denied Visa in 2019. Indian IT firms suffered the most

With the help of the H1B visa, US companies can employ foreign workers in special occupations that require technical or theoretical experience. But in 2019, among all the applicants for the H1B visa, one-fifth of the applicants were denied by the USA. This denial has affected Indian companies like TCS, Infosys the most, in comparison to American firms.

Several tech companies depend on the H1B visa to hire employees from various countries like China, India, etc. The denial rate in 2018 was 24% overall and it has slightly dropped down to 21% in 2019. The National Foundation for American Policy has said that the rejection rate is higher for Indian companies like Wipro, TCS, Infosys but lower for American companies.

The rejection rate for TCS and Infosys is 31% and 35% respectively in 2019. It was 47% for Wipro, which is the highest for any Indian company and 37% for TechMahindra.

But on the other side, the rejection rate for the H1B visa for Amazon and Google is just 4%. For Microsoft, it’s 6%, while Facebook and Walmart face a 3% rejection rate.

In 2020, Trump’s office is set to make new changes in the H1B visa policy which will make it difficult for US companies to hire highly-skilled foreign candidates. The rejection rate shared by the top seven Indian companies is down by 64% between 2015 and 2019.

This increase in rejection rate is due to US firms recruiting local talent rather than depending on the foreign candidates to fill the existing openings. President Trump has said that the IT companies are abusing the work visa in favor of foreign candidates.

A few years back Trump issued an order “Buy American and Hire American” in a bid to increase employment in the country and create more jobs locally.

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