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One more! Flipkart is the latest company to offer work from home to its employees in Karnataka.

As coronavirus seems to impact the country a lot, Flipkart becomes the latest company to offer work from home to its employees to prevent the scarce. The employees are asked to work from home from Wednesday, especially the young parents who have children studying in fifth grade or below.

Flipkart also said that they are testing the load of the system if it can handle the traffic to enable uninterrupted remote work from home.

The Karnataka health department on Wednesday has advised all the companies to not send its employees overseas until this Corona scare comes to a conclusion. As of now, 4 people, out of which two belong to Dell Technologies Ltd and Mindtree Ltd. have tested positive for the COVID-19. Till now, a 76-year-old person from Kalaburagi in the Karnataka state has died. The government is conducting several tests to confirm its due to corona. If the tests show positive, this would be the first fatality in the country due to COVID-19.

Several other companies are also advising its employees to work from home and prevent the employees to travel outside of the country. Last week, Paytm has announced that all of its six companies will be closed for sanitizing purposes and has issued a two day leave for all the employees in the Gurgaon region after an employee tested positive.

Ed-tech startup Byju’s has said that it will give free access to its learning resources to all the students until April end. This announcement comes after the government advised all the schools to remain closed until the situation goes under control and protects students’ health.

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