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Online Master Degrees – universities, scope, benefits and concerns

With the expansion of internet and computer science technology, automation in reservation of tickets, purchasing goods, banking happened and this extended to earning master degrees online. As the name indicates, online master degrees are degrees that you get by sitting and preparing at home and that too from a recognized top university located in a developed country like USA. Also, there are many advantages of earning online master degrees and the number of graduates who are opting for degrees online is on a rise. This article focuses on how to choose an online course, what are the right schools or online universities and few issues that you may encounter.
Tips – How to choose the right online master degrees:
–         The main factor that you need to consider while choosing an online degree is the reputation of the university or the school offering the course. Be specific and consider the reputation of your course as well. Talk to managers, professors of your graduate school and HR’s of few companies and find out if it is worth.
–         Talk to few students who already graduated from that course and find out the positions they are in
–         Another important factor to be considered is the accreditation of the university you have selected. The tri valley incident that happened recently is a clear example that shows that there are many universities that offer online master degrees just for name sake without accreditation and ruining the lives of many. Some schools sell online master degrees that are useless. It is more important to consider accreditation when you are opting for online study abroad rather than off campus study as the former is associated with more scam! Find out the accreditation agencies present in that state and see if they accredited your chosen university
–         Compare the coursework of the online course you have chosen with that of reputed schools offering the same course. Also, compare it with that of the actual class work courses offered in reputed schools. If there are major differences, stay away!
–         If the course is offered at very low cost, then you might be in danger. Most of the worthless online master degrees are offered at very low fee and you need to research the school more if this is the case
–         Consider the flexibility of completing the course especially if you are already engaged in a job or some other course. It has to comply with your schedule and you must be given enough time to complete exams and stuff.
–         Consider the capability, experience, skills and reputation of the teaching staff offering the online master degrees. If the university is not providing the information about the teaching staff, beware!
–         Contact the school via phone or email and see the response. If you find it unprofessional or delaying, better avoid such schools
–         Do consider the media the university is going to use to teach you the course. It can be in the form of documents, audio conferences or video streaming. Give preference to those offering live video conferencing
–         Give preference to those online schools that allow you to connect to their intranet at any part of the day and are more flexible
So based on all these factors, you need to chose online master degrees. The following is the list of accreditation agencies that provide accreditation to schools and universities offering online master degrees

  • Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Higher Education
  • Middle States Commission on Secondary Schools
  • Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities
  • Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Accrediting Commission for Schools
  • And many more

Advantage of online master degrees:

–         You complete your course in a shorter span of time compared to those who are pursuing on campus courses

–         You stay with your friends and family and get the online from the reputed university located abroad

–         You got a flexible schedule and continue your job

–         You learn from best lecturers as those who teach online are more talented

Disadvantages of online master degrees

–         You don’t personally interact with your fellow students and hence your social life is not as good as that compared to on campus courses

–         Online master degrees are not beneficial if the course you have chosen is more practical or research oriented like mechanical or electrical engineering. You need to work on machines that are not available at your home!

So, before you chose an online degree for masters, consider these concerns and follow the tips mentioned and you will have a degree from a recognized university that would give a boost to your career!

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