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Only 0.2% of the IT Sector is productive – Research study by SCIKEY Mind Match

According to a study, only 0.2% of the IT sector is productive while working from home. This came as a surprise when almost all the companies are allowing their employees to work from home amid coronavirus. The rest of the workforce, 99.8% of the workforce in the Information Sector is not capable of working from home according to the study.

This 99.8% of the workforce does not have skills like learning and exploring, does not have practical communication skills and does not have planning and execution. The study also said 16.97% of the employees are challenge-driven and can work on any challenging task with minimal managing. 17% of the employees are instruction driven and need a definitive ask or direction to work on.

The study also said that 40.42% of the entire workforce in IT is logic-driven. These employees are experts at working from home and don’t need any micromanagement as long as they get clarified regarding the task at hand. Meanwhile, 12.7% of the IT workforce are social people and work from home is a challenge for them. This set of workforce doesn’t avoid the task but lack of social interaction is the one that bothers them. Hence a daily virtual meeting or something similar is necessary for them.

This study is conducted on 10,000 people form the IT sector on the MindMatch assessment through the SCIKEY Talent Commerce Marketplace.

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