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Paid Job Seeker Services on Job Portals- Are they really worth it?

On almost all the top  job portals, you might be seeing flashy advertisements stating you can boost your chances of getting hired by opting for their paid job seeker services  which makes your profile more visible to the recruiters

Does it really help?

Not as much as you expected. Your profile will be just shown to the recruiter at the top when you apply for a job or when recruiters search through the database. However, it is up-to the recruiter to decide if your profile can be considered. Just paying money doesn’t make your profile unique/ stand out.   If your profile is exceptional , you will automatically get calls even if you have not opted  for paid service.  This might help in certain cases wherein there is a huge competition where you do not have any unique skill-set but still, there is no guarantee.

What is the alternative?

First thing, fill in all the details when you register in a job portal. Just providing your email id and contact number will not help as recruiters search for profiles  based on the skill-set/ experience .If a paid service is actually listing your profile on the top, you can actually do it without paying as well. The trick is update your profile regularly on the job portals.  When a recruiter searches in the database, the results are filtered based on the “last modified on” field. So , if your regularly update your profile, there are good chances that your profile is always almost shown at the top!

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