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Physical Meetings are a lot better than virtual meetings – Satya Nadella

In this current lockdown situation, almost every company is looking to implement or have already implemented work from home for its employees. But Satya Nadella believes that work from home in the long term will have a huge impact on the employee’s health. He said that this could affect social interactions and employees might get mental health issues as well.

He says that he prefers to have physical meetings rather than these virtual meetings. He insists that while during a physical meeting, you are talking to the actual person who sits next to you and you will be able to connect with them two minutes before and after.

Previously, Microsoft was one of the first companies to implement work from home to its employees during the initial stages of coronavirus spread. As per the latest news, Microsoft has asked its employees to continue working from home until at least December.

He also stresses out that there will be a loss of “social capital” if work from home is continued in the long term, for which there is no way to measure the amount lost. He also wants the companies to check on their employees regularly on burnout and mental health issues, etc.

However, Satya Nadella is keen on helping small organizations that have been hit hard by the corona lockdown. Also, Microsoft is one of the few companies to see an actual increase in their stock this year, which increased by 14%.

Previously, Twitter had announced that they are offering their employees to work from home as long as they want and are no restrictions to choose that. It has become the first company to announce the forever work from home option. Following this, payment giant Square also announced that their employees can take work from home indefinitely.

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