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PM Modi has a message for India Inc. “Do not cut jobs during the coronavirus crisis”

On Monday, via video conferencing, Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi has interacted with the industry representatives from ASSOCHAM, FICCI, CII, and several other local chambers across 18 cities in the country. The main reason for this video conferencing is the lockdown across the country in various states. PM Modi has discussed the economical crisis the country is facing and asked all the companies to allow its employees to work from home. He also asked the industry people to not cut any jobs during this tough period.

He also said, the corona has impacted the world more than the world wars and we need to be as alert as possible to control its spread. According to him, the informal sector is the one which is affected the most and will lead to the economic downfall of the country. Various sectors like travel, hospitality, construction, hotel management, small businesses have been hit very hard by this pandemic.

During the meeting, it was also discussed how these industries that are affected, can overcome with the help of financial and fiscal assistance. PM Modi asked the pharma industry to create RNA testing kits for COVID-19 on an emergency basis.

He also said black marketing should be prevented in the current situation. Also, he said the industries should follow “Swachhta”( cleanliness ) and follow the medical advice given by the experts. He concluded the meeting saying that social distancing should be followed very strictly and is one of the main weapons currently in India’s arsenal.

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