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PM Modi’s message to India in the fight against Corona. Key points include job firing and using of Arogya Setu App

In his latest address to the nation, PM Modi has announced that lockdown will be extended until May 3rd. He also thanked each and every citizen of India for following the lockdown until now and cooperating with the police for the last 3 weeks.

This early lockdown by India is the biggest step it has taken to control the spread of the virus. India has implemented the lock when 500 cases were observed in the country. Even before a single case was detected, the screening has been started at the airports in the country.

PM Modi, in his latest message, has advised the people of the country to follow the social distancing strictly and also announced seven tips to fight against coronavirus. Here are those

  1. All citizens are asked to take extra care of the elderly as the elderly are at a bigger risk in these times
  2. It is mandatory to wear face masks if you are stepping outside of the house. Homemade masks can also be used.
  3. AYUSH Ministry has provided several tips to maintain health during the lockdown. The tips should be followed very strictly.
  4. The people of the country are asked to install the latest app Arogya Sethu, developed by the center. This app uses Bluetooth and the location features of your smartphone to tell you the details about your surroundings and people infected in your area. It can be downloaded from both Play Store(Android) and the App Store(iOS)
  5. PM Modi has asked the citizens to help the poor and people who are in need
  6. One of the biggest of his latest message is that he asked the employers not to fire the employees in these dire times. He requested all the employers to show empathy during these tough times
  7. He concluded the message by asking the people of the country to show respect towards the doctors, nurses, cleaning staff, police, essential workers and to cooperate with them. Without them, this lockdown wouldn’t have been possible.

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