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Prioritizing American Workers is the new agenda of the bill being passed in the US Congress for H1B visas

In US Congress, a bill has been passed to introduce reforms in the H1B and L1B visas. The reforms are made during this crisis period in order to prevent the replacement of US workers. The main idea of these reforms is to give preference to the US-educated applicants

The Democratic Representative, Mr.Khanna who is of Indian descent has said that they want to make sure that talent will come to the USA and also to make sure that it is being done with proper compensation. They also want to protect all the workers from being exploited.

The latest bill was introduced in both Senate and House of Representatives by a group of seven legislators from both parties. This comes as an amendment to the Immigration and Naturalisation Act which comes during the unemployment rate in the country is at a record high of 23% with around 39 million people are jobless in the country.

Although, the chance of this bill passing is very low due to the current congressional session, which has lots of limitations related to the corona virus. One of the most important elements of the bill is that it prohibits the explicit replacement of the American workers with the holders of H1B or L1 visas. The agenda is also to make sure that their working conditions are not adversely affected.

For the candidates who move to the USA temporarily, the H1B and L-1 visas are issued. The Democrat Representative, Mr.Pallone had said that this amendment would require a good effort to recruit American individuals and also to make sure that foreign workers are not exploited

One other key element of the bill is to give priority to the individuals who completed their education in the USA, for H1B visas. This bill will stop companies from having more than half of the workforce with H1B visa holders. The companies would also be controlled to have H1B or L-1 visa employees to receive training in the USA and send back home to do the same type of work.

However, all the sponsors have acknowledged the impact of foreign individuals in building up Silicon Valley. Mr.Khanna said that immigrants come to the USA with innovative ideas that transform the world. In order to protect their creativity and stop exploiting their efforts these efforts are necessary.

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