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Railways to merge mid-level and junior-level jobs

The railway is planning to merge around 19 job profiles in order to make their workforce multi-skilled. Some of the jobs which are being considered for merging are RPF constables and technicians on trains, stations master doubling up as a signaling technician, merging of job profiles like a guard, and loco-pilot

Last month, the ministry has proposed this idea which aims towards a leaner organization in the long run. According to a source, a commute consisting of 8 members has been created to check the feasibility of this idea by consulting various Zonal offices.

Indian Railways

The Zonal offices have given their inputs on this idea and the Railway Board is in the process of discussing this within the organization. Officials said that this is because there is a necessity to separate exclusive job profiles. For example, if the job profiles of the station master and signaling job are merged, it could become hectic for the station master to finish both the jobs

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In general, the job of a station master is to make sure that all the trains are crossing the station without any problems and the job of the signaling technician is to make sure the signaling apparatus is up to date.

Officials also said that it would be oversimplifying the ticket collection officer’s job as he is responsible for all the customer interaction and not just collecting tickets.

Under this proposal, there is also a plan to merge four different categories of housekeeping assistants namely medical, commercial, environmental, and carriage/wagon departments As of now, a different set of people look after waiting rooms. The officials said these two job profiles could be merged in small stations at least for now.

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But a certain set of officials are planning to submit their objections with this merger idea stating that this whole institutional experience of 160 years of the railway has maintained balanced between different posts and with this merger the core idea of the institution should not be affected. Although this idea of merging is still in talks and a long way from finalization, officials said

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