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Recycling could generate around 1 million jobs due to the increase in e-waste in the country

The national association of recycling industries, Material Recycling Association of India (MRAI) has recently said that it has suggested to the government to implement the National Recycling Policy for furthering the Nation Building Objectives.

India’s e-waste generation has accounted for 2 million tones in 2017 according to United Nations University’s Global E-waste monitor. Out of this, 82% was because of computer and telecom equipment. By 2020, the prediction for the increase in e-waste in the country is around 500 percent.

The producers, recyclers, and policy-makers need to work together simultaneously to cover the gap in waste management. MRAI is said to have taken responsibility, being the apex body to work with the government and companies for the introduction of e-waste management policies.

On the occasion of its 7th International Material Recycling Conference, the members of the committee said that by implementing such policies could boost the country’s economy and could really help the country in becoming a 5 trillion-dollar economy. Along with this, it could also generate millions of jobs.

Important notes of the meeting are, according to the MRAI government should strictly implement the policies of e-waste in the country. It should also have a separate ministry for recycling. Recycling zones should also be implemented. These, along with the shredding centers will be part of sustainable smart cities. It also said that the implementation of recycling and its advantages in the curriculum is very important for the next generation to understand its benefits. Also, removing the import duty is also one important step to help facilitate this process.

Sanjay Mehta, President of MRAI said that recycling has the capability of boosting the economy if this can also be implemented on the scale of other campaigns in the country like Swatch Bharat, Make in India, Sagarmala, and Development of Smart Cities.

Also, the recycling could help the environment in being clean and has the actual ability to reduce pollution according to the members of MRAI.

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