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Rent-free stay for residents who lost jobs: ZoloStays

ZoloStays announces rent-free stay for residents who lost jobs. The co-living space provider announces this to all of its residents who had lost jobs due to the corona epidemic. Also, this is applicable for its previous residents who stayed at any of the 450 ZoloStays properties for a minimum period of 6 months across the country.

Rent-free stay for residents who lost jobs: ZoloStays

The CEO of the ZoloStays startup sent out an email to all the residents and former residents. The welcome was great from the side of the residents with around 600 people accepted this gratefully.

This offer is available from June 15 to August 31.

The email from the CEO says ” During this pandemic, employers are relieving employees to cut costs. Even in this kind of crisis, you are extending support just like family, even though it is difficult providing rent-free stay to each one of us. I am heartily thankful for your noble cause Nikhil Sikri and Team Zolo. Always been a delighted customer and always will be”

Initially, Zolostays decided that all of its HR can help the residents who lost jobs due to this pandemic, can help them find a new job. But this lockdown slowed down the process. The startup believes that procuring jobs for their tenants is not completely in their hands but they can do as much as to provide mindfulness to their residents

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Some of the property owners of the ZoloStays decided not to charge for lease rentals for 75 days. ZoloStays is also conducting webinars for its residents on how to build the resume, how to answer in an interview. This plan is for the next few weeks to elevate the chances of procuring jobs for their residents.

The company also believes the philosophy of “Once a Zoloite, always a Zoloite” and ” with you, for you, always”

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