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Satya Nadella to meet Indian government and Indian IT industry during his visit to India

Satya Nadella, the CEO of tech giant Microsoft is planning to meet Mr. Adityanath, CM of UP to discuss about the digital transformation of his government ecosystem.

Also, he is planning to visit all the industry experts to discuss about the future of technology during his three-day visit to the country. Mumbai will be the first place he will be visiting as part of his tour. Nadella is very much interested to invest in India.

The new tech center at Noida will be crucial for its whole strategy in the country

Microsoft is also interested in empowering the people and organizations in the country. The new tech hub at Noida will be a crucial part of the whole strategy. This will create thousands of jobs. Last year, the company has conducted several workshops to educate people about Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing skills. As part of this workshop, awareness was created among 5000 individuals regarding AI and cloud services.

Microsoft’s main point in the whole strategy with the country is to build partnerships with various startups, and the government itself.

As part of its business, Microsoft is researching and conducting deep tech pilots in the country in various areas like healthcare, etc. Microsoft is looking to educate people to increase the usage of its cloud services, Azure.

The second-quarter reports have reported a 27% increase in the usage of its Azure services compared to the last year. The total revenue generated is $11.9 billion.

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