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Should your resume be short or long to attract recruiters?

This is the question being asked by many job seekers as both short and long resumes have got their own merits and demerits

–  A short resume can give an overview of your profile to the recruiter and the recruiter can make a decision quickly. A short resume looks handy and it is easier for interviewers too to focus on exactly what you know

– A long resume gives a detailed view of the projects you have done, your complete skill-set, domains you worked on, what exactly you are good at based on your projects and how it can benefit the company

What do companies prefer?

The straight answer is a short resume. Reason being, recruiters do not have time to go through your resume completely and make a decision. If you have a long resume and the skill the recruiter is looking for is mentioned somewhere deep inside, your resume may not get shortlisted.  Big resumes are also a turn off for most of the big companies like Microsoft.

How to Include everything in a short resume?

A short resume should be intelligently designed wherein your experience, skillset, expertise and companies worked for should be mentioned with no detailed explanation on projects worked on but just a one line summary will work. You need not talk about team size, history of the project etc.   Every section like skills, experience ,  certifications etc could be accomodated in 2 or 3 lines and your final resume can be limited to a page size of 1 or 

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