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Soon, govt. employees may get 15 days a year work from home facility

It is fair to say that the world has been adapting to a new life after the coronavirus. The lifestyle of almost every individual and industry has changed a lot. Now, this change has the govt offices as well. The central government of India is planning to add Work from home guidelines for its employees. It is considering an option to add work from home for 15 days a year.

This idea was initiated by the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG). In a draft paper, it was planning to move the current offices to e-offices, video conferences to discuss important matters, and providing laptops/essential logistics to the employees while working from home on a rotational basis.

The draft paper also mentioned that the government will most likely opt for flexible working hours and staggered attendance. The govt. believes that it is important to standardize the guidelines for WFH. Also, it is essential to maintain security while accessing the government files during the work from home

Setting up a VPN for the Deputy Secretary officers and above to access the files remotely is one of the most important items of the draft paper. As of now, all ministries are asked to use the e-office’s Knowledge Management System to link all the important documents. Also, the expenses will be reimbursed if they are related to data usage.

To provide technical assistance and creating a help desk, the ministry or the department is responsible. Once the laptops are provided to the employees who opted to work from home, the government is making sure that they want the respective employee to continue with the office work using the provided official laptop only. All the ministries and departments are asked to respond by May 21, on this draft

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