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Sundar Pichai disappointed with the visa ban

For the Indians seeking American jobs, it is a huge blow with the suspension of H1B visas. This ban will last until the end of the year. Along with the H1B visas, several other foreign work visas are banned until the end of 2020. Several reports say that Sundar Pichai is disappointed with this visa ban

According to the Trump administration, this visa ban is to protect the US-based workers. This move is a planned one in this crucial election year. These new regulations will come into effect from Wednesday

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H1B visas are the ones through which American firms can hire foreign skilled workers in specialized fields. The data shows that before the pandemic, around 85,000 visas are issued every year and 60,000 are availed by Indians.

This move is going to affect the Indian IT industry. The Indian IT professionals will have to wait furthermore until the end of 2020.

In April, Trump signed an order which targets the people living outside of the US. They can migrate to the USA with some exceptions. Earlier, Trump has also banned the issuing of Green cards for lawful permanent residency. With the Green cards, the holders are eligible for any jobs on par with the US citizens.

Trump ignored the opposition of legislators, businesses, and human rights bodies while announcing this ban.

Sundar Pichai disappointed with the visa ban

Google’s CEO, Mr.Sundar Pichai is said to be disappointed with this visa ban. He says that Immigration has contributed a lot to the American economy and its success. It also helped the US to become a global leader in the tech industry. Along with Sundar Pichai, several industry experts expressed concerns over this move by Trump

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