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Suspension of H1B Visas has made it difficult for Indians to come back home

Indians who are either on Green Card or H1B visas and having children who are American citizens by birth are finding it difficult to come back home. They are even not allowed to aboard the special repatriation flights which are being run by Air India.

Last week, several international travel restrictions were announced by the Indian government which states that for the members of Indian origin with visa-free travel privileges are suspended.

Several Indians who already lost the job and have to return home within 60 days of the loss of jobs are finding it difficult to come to India due to the restrictions mentioned above. Several such cases where the parents are of Indian origin but the children belong to the American nationality are being denied tickets to aboard the Air India flights.

All these people who lost their jobs and have to return back home are pleading the government to make adjustments or lift the restrictions. Also, they are appealing to the USCIS(United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) to extend their stay in the country.

In the last month, several H1B visa holders, (mostly Indians) have launched a petition addressed to the White House asking the Donal Trump to extend their stay in America from 60 to 180 days after the loss of a job. The White House did not make any decision or announcement regarding this.

Although, the overall count of the number of Indians who are facing such a situation is unknown. The situation is bad for the US as well with high unemployment rate. Around 33 million Americans have lost their jobs during this lockdown. With these numbers being high, it is highly unlikely that Indians who lost their job recently will be re-employed.

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