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Teacher Assistantship- Significance and tips to obtain one

If you haven’t received financial aid or fee waivers, then the best source to pay your graduate tution fee is through teacher assistantship. As the name indicates, teacher assistantship is something where you work under a professor and assist him in research and teaching.  The average duration of  TA is 20 hours a week. It is very much required to plan to get a TA as the competition is very high and you need to impress the professors with your teaching skills.

How to get a teaching assistantship?

–          You should have already completed that particular course in your previous semester or in under graduate study

–           The class level that you have taken must be higher than that of the one you are going to teach

–          You must have an A or A+ grade in the previous semester where you have taken the course

–          If you have any publications in the same course, chances are more

–          You must have good academic track record and must have scored high in the particular course if you are planning to apply for TA as soon as you join

–          If you have teaching work experience either in states or in your home country, you are preferred

–          Talk to your seniors  who got teacher assistantships and take tips from them

–          Impress your professors  by talking about your research experience and academic excellence via email

–          You must have done splendid project during your final semester in under graduation to please the professors – projects like library management, railway reservation that are done by majority of the students might not help

Do not bang the professors asking them to help you in getting teacher assistantships. Introduce yourself and your work in the first set of mails and gradually you can request them. Socializing  with your professor has to be done with utmost care. You can get the email id’s of professors in the university website

These are few tips that might help you in getting a teacher assistantship! You may also undergo assistant teacher training if you are really eager to get the assistantship.

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