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This app finds and deletes made in China apps on your Android phone. Right now, this app is viral in the country

Don’t use China products is the latest mantra in the country. As part of this, Indians also want not to use any Chinese apps as well. Hence they started deleting these Chinese apps from their mobile phones. Recently, an app named “Remove Chinese Apps” claims that it can find all the Chinese apps in your Android mobile and deletes them. It has gone viral since. Almost all the reviews it received were positive in the play store.

This app is currently in the top in Google Play store and it has been downloaded by over 10 lakh users since its launch which has happened on May 17. The timing is perfect for this app to go viral, as the country is looking not to use any Chinese products.

The description for this app in the Playstore says this app is designed for educational purposes. This app also allows the users to identify the country of origin of other apps present in the Android phone. However, this highlights just the Chinese apps in your phone and let you delete them easily

The rating of this app in the playstore is currently 4.8.

The country is having a lot of controversies currently like India-China border dispute, Corona pandemic, etc. Also, a recent survey has shown that 67% of Indians feel that China is responsible for the transmission of coronavirus around the world.

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