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This Indian state is planning to take care of its workers by paying the compensation during the times of Coronavirus

The Indian state Uttar Pradesh has promised its daily waged and poor workers to pay their payment for the money they lost due to the coronavirus. The officials in the north UP started counting the number of workers/qualifying citizens.

Currently UP is the state in the country with the highest population of 200 million people, and also one of the poorest in the country. But it is also the first state to pay its daily wage workers through online payments.

A labor official said that they are counting the number of vegetable vendors, rickshaw pullers, construction workers, auto drivers, and temporary staff of the shops. The government is looking to gather all the data related to the workers such as bank account numbers, proofs, etc.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused around 16 confirmed cases in the UP state and 151 from overall India. These numbers are the minimum across all of Asia, Europe, and North America. But some of the experts claim that these small numbers are due to the less testing being carried out in the country. Also, they said that the Indian medical system may not has the infrastructure to handle if the impact due to the pandemic is high.

In UP, around 30% of the population live below the poverty line and are living with a minimum wage of less than 2$ a day to survive, according to the data of the World Bank and the Indian Government. Mr.Sanjiv Mittal, the state’s secretary of finance has said that the government is planning a scheme to take care of the minimum wage workers.

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