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Tips to get your job application noticed by recruiters

Well, you must be applying to 100’s of jobs every month and hardly get a call from one or two or most of the times, none. This article would help you understand the current situation and why most of you are not getting calls

–         If a Tier 1 company posts a job (1 requirement), at-least 500 people apply for the post. The number would be 10 times more if it is an entry level job. You cannot expect the company to call applicants for the interview to fill the 1 position

–         With the increase in number of engineering colleges, unemployment of engineering graduates has grown exponentially which in turn led to the increase in number of job applicants. Recruiters blindly reject most of the applications without even looking at the title or the skills

What you need to do to improve your chances of getting an interview call

–         Be one of the first to apply for the positions. Usually, the recruiters finalize few candidates from the first few 100’s who apply for the role

–         Read the Job Description completely and see that all the skills required are covered in your resume.  For example, if the job role is PHP developer and your resume has C/C++, your chances to be considered for the role are less

–         If you are a fresher and have done a project in a company or even consultancy, put the work as intern experience

–         When you see a job listing you are interested in and have a friend or relative working for that company, ask them to refer you. Referrals are given preference to those who apply directly. However, if there is no open position and if you are referred, it does not matter again.

–         Last but not the least, do not lose hope!  We know that many deserving candidates are not getting a chance to be interviewed either because they applied late or the recruiter randomly selected certain profiles. Increase your probability of consideration by applying to every job that you come across with! This would increase your probability of being considered by at least one employer. If you lose hope and stop applying for jobs, you gain nothing but only lose your chances of getting a job!

Huge job portals let you apply for 50 jobs a day. This does not mean that all the 50 companies are going to call you. This is just for increasing your chances of being called by atleast one or two of them. We are writing this article to make freshers understand the current situation. An experienced engineer working for Microsoft is not getting a call from Google with ease and a fresher is expecting calls from every company he applies to! Understand the Job Market and the situation before you complain.

Never lose hope! If you really deserve, you will definitely get the job of your dreams!  

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