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TOEFL IBT Speaking Tips

Speaking has always been a problem while attempting TOEFL for international students due to the following reasons

–         Difference in Accent

–         Mother Tongue Influence

–         Regional Influence

There are some useful TOEFL IBT speaking tips that would definitely help you improve your speaking section score.

–         Watch more of English movies and develop interest in listening to American music

–         Read a paragraph from a newspaper and try to summarize it in a minute and speak about it in your own way

–         Try to speak about any topic chosen. Frame the positive and negative things about it and speak about them

–         Develop framing conclusions for whatever you talk about. Conclusions create the main impression and a bad conclusion would not fetch you anything even if you done well overall

–         Record your voice while speaking and analyze yourself if your voice is clear, audible and what you speak is making sense

–         Ask your friends and family members to listen to the recordings and consider their opinion. The most important thing to be considered is the extent to which they understood what you have spoken.

–         Track your progress regularly. You will gradually find great improvement in the way you speak!

These are some of the TOEFL IBT speaking tips that would help you in scoring high in the speaking section of TOEFL!hope you liked the post!

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