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Top websites that offer freelance Data Science jobs.

Freelancing has increased exponentially since the past decade. According to a report, there are around 15 million freelancers currently in the country. By 2023, this number might be doubled. This report was done by Linkedin which also states that companies prefer independent freelancers to employees.

In DataScience, freelancing is highly competitive and one of the jobs which pay huge salaries. The scope to find work is high for DataScience Freelancing.

The initial step to start freelancing would be to create a good profile on the freelancing platforms. These platforms help Data Scientists increase their network while helping them grow. Here are some of the top platforms where DataScience freelancing is offered.

Upwork is one of the platforms which is highly regarded in the freelancing community. After merging itself with Elance, the reputation has been doubled. Upwork has a good quality of freelancing work available. Microsoft, GE, Netflix post their opportunities in Upwork.
Also, Upwork helps companies to connect with independent freelance professionals to work with them.

Morgan Stanley, Airbnb, SpaceX, HP are some of the big companies which look for freelancing professionals through Toptal. Toptal claims that only the top 3% of the freelancing are able to signup in their platform. There will be a severe screening process for Data Science freelancers, but on the bright side, this would ensure that the opportunities will be very huge. It takes at least a month for Toptal to accept your application

Data Science Central:
This is a platform for practicing Big Data. There will be resources available on the website, including book recommendations, webinars, discussion, tutorials, etc. Job opportunities are also available on this platform.

Data Science Stack Exchange:
For Data Scientists, this platform is mainly to increase its network to get indirect leads. This platform is mainly a Q&A site that provides good resources for Data Science and Machine Learning enthusiasts. The model is almost similar to Quora in asking and answering questions. Best answers can be upvoted and bad answers can be reported.

AngelList is an online startup community that posts opportunities from top startups. There are around 1,00,000 tech jobs available. Details like salaries and equity of the company will be available for candidates.

This is a network of Entrepreneurs that can connect you with a lot of peers with similar interests. In this platform, users can register as Entrepreneurs and connect with candidates in Data Science by using search filters. Also, you can message to people in this platform

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