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Trump’s government is planning to suspend immigration to protect American jobs

Recently, a few days earlier, the US government has allowed the applicants of H1B visas to stay in the country, on Tuesday President Donal Trump has announced the suspension of immigration into the country. He wrote in a Twitter post saying that in order to protect the country from an invisible enemy(coronavirus) and to protect the jobs of American citizens in the country, he is signing an executive order to temporarily suspend immigration to the country.

But the details were not known on when he will be signing the order. The H1B visa which is the most popular one among the Indian IT professionals belongs to the non-immigrant visa category. But according to the sources, these visas were also being targeted by Trump.

The USA has experienced massive layoffs. Around 22 million people have applied for unemployment benefits, as of last week.

The USA has been the most affected country in the world due to coronavirus. As of Tuesday morning, here are the statistics. The total cases were 792,759 and total deaths were 42,514. These total deaths were equal to the number of deaths by the next two countries combined (Italy and Spain).

The north and south borders were already closed by the USA which attracts a large number of immigrants.

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