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Uber wants to move the engineering jobs to India

To save costs, Uber wants to move the engineering jobs to India. According to this report by the Information website, the CEO believes that the company can cut costs if they move to India

Uber wants to move the engineering jobs to India

Recently, the company playoff around 600 employees in the country. This is due to lack of revenue caused by the corona pandemic

Earlier, in 2018, during his first visit to India, the CEO Mr. Dara Khosrowshahi wants to boost the engineering presence in the country. Uber reiterates this several times.

Recently, the CTO of Uber, Mr. Thuan Pham moves out of the company. He was the one who resisted the movement of engineering jobs to India. So, now with his move, there are high chances that the movement of engineering roles will happen

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It is reported that Mr.Pham said that if the company wants to make this move, they would have to do it with a different CTO. The report also says that Pham said on moving plans that if they were to increase the employment in India, they would be accepting low-quality candidates

Uber tech team grew by 150% in 2018, and there are plans to double that. During that time, there are around 500 engineers in Bangalore and Hyderabad

The Uber Engineers in India work across various sections like Uber Eats, customer engagement, rider access, data platforms, maps, and marketplace.

The company introduced Uber Lite, specifically built-in and for India to make the app access to low bandwidth users in the country.

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