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UK (United Kingdom) Point Based Immigration System for Skilled Workers- Things to know

UK has introduced points based immigration for skilled professionals similar to Canada or Australia. The points are awarded for age, qualification, experience and others as detailed blow.

Tier 2 is the category that suits most of the working professionals to immigrate to UK. Immigration is also possible without a job offer if the skills are endorsed by the relevant body. More details will be provided on the unsponsored route next year. At present a Job Offer might be required to meet the minimum proposed points (70 points) to be able to immigrate.

Here are how the points are grated:

Points Needed to Qualify : 70

PhD or Doctorate15
Salary OfferedPoints
Between 17,000 and 19,999 Euros5
Between 20,000 and 21,999 Euros10
Between 22,000 and 23,999 Euros15
More than 24,000 Euros20
Job OfferPoints
Job Offer in shortage Occupation50
Job Offer that passes Resident Labor Market Test30
Transfer within the same company30
Language SkiillsPoints
Maintenance requirement10
English Competency (IELTS)10

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