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University Education Rankings – Harvard, Princeton, Yale,Stanford, Columbia, Duke

  1. Harvard University Ranking – A private University located in Cambridge in the outskirts or Boston, Harvard University ranks #1 in USA
  2. Princeton University Ranking– Again a private University in Priceton, New Jersy,  Priceton University is a great University for those who are in need of financial assistance and ranks #2 in states
  3. Yale University Ranking – Located in New Haven, divided into 12 college, Yale university ranks #3 in USA and offers a great education environment for students
  4. Columbia University Ranking – Divided into 3 undergraduate schools, Columbia University is a private school that ranks #4 in America
  5. Stanford University Ranking – Located in California in the outskirts of San Francisco, Stanford is yet another private University that stands a rank in research and ranks #4 in USA
  6. University of Pennsylvania Ranking – University of Pennsylvania that offers courses in four academic departments, located in Philadelphia, ranks #6 in USA
  7. California Institute of Technology ranking – As the name indicates, this is a tehnological and engineering education University and a private institute that invests a lot on research and ranks #7 in USA
  8. Massachusetts Institute of Technology ranking – Every engineering graduate in the world must have heard about MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A great institute known for brilliant minds in maths, science and engineering disciplines , MIT ranks #8 in USA
  9. Duke University Ranking – Another private Univesity that is famous for its arts an engineering programs for under graduates, Duke University  located in Durham ranks #9 in USA
  10. University of Chicago Ranking – Known for its great campus life and urban setting, University of Chicago is a private University that ranks #10 in USA
  11. Northwestern University Ranking – Located in Evanston, Northwestern University that offers about 70 courses for undergraduates ranks #11 in USA
  12. Johns Hopkins University Ranking – Located in Baltimore, Johns Hopkins University is  a great choice for arts and related courses like humanities and natural sciences.  Located in a suburban setting,  Johns Hopkins ranks #12 in USA
  13. Washington University Ranking – A great University located in Washington that excels in arts, sciences, engineering and business, Washington University at ST Louis ranks #13 in USA.
  14. Brown University Ranking – A private University that is famous for its medical education for undergraduates , Brown University is a private University that is located in a rural setting and ranks #14 in America
  15. Cornell University Ranking – A private University in Ithaca, Cornell University is the first to start a college for hotel administration and other areas like labor relations.  This is located in an urban setting and ranks #15 in USA
  16. Rice University Ranking – Located in the heart of the city of Houston in Texas, Rice University is a private University that is famous for financial aid and waivers and ranks #16 in USA
  17. Vanderbilt University Ranking – With more than 6000 graduates enrolling every year, with more than 90 percent of them opting for in house residence, Vanderbilt University ranks #17 in USA
  18. University of Notre Dame Ranking – A private University located in a suburban setting, University of Notre Dame  is a Catholic college and ranks #18 in USA
  19. Emory University Ranking – A suburban University located in Atlanta, also known as Emory college is a private university that offers a variety of major courses in arts and sciences and ranks #19 in USA
  20. Georgetown University Ranking – An old catholic University in the states, located  in the capital city , Georgetown University is one university that encourages many students through internships and ranks #20 in America.: The nation’s oldest Catholic University, Georgetown University is a private institute that comprises of three graduate and professional schools and four highly ranked undergraduate schools. This campus offers various student services including campus safety and security services and is ranked 20 in US

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