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Whatsapp chatbot created by India to create awareness and stop the spread of wrong information

India found a new way to tackle the spread of misinformation via social media. It is with the help of a WhatsApp chatbot. People are getting so much fake information from social media during this period. The spread of wrong information should be controlled. If not, it could create havoc among the public.

To stop this and make people aware, Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi has told the citizens of the country that they can send a message to a WhatsApp bot which is name MyGov Corona Helpdesk. The bot will reply to you with instant authoritative answers for the corona queries asked. The queries can be like asking about symptoms, preventive measures, etc.

To utilize this, the person has to send a text message to +919013151515 via Whatsapp to connect with the bot. Here is the shortcut to connect with the bot. Mumbai’s Haptik Technologies has built this bot which is bought by the telecom industry giant Reliance Jio. The information for this bot will be provided by the Ministry of Health.

According to Aakrit Vaish, this bot has been created to create awareness, control the fake news and rumors, and educate the public.

Currently in India, more than 250 individuals have been tested positive by the virus. On Friday, the Ministry of Health has advised social media such as Facebook, Twitter, ShareChat to take control of the accounts which are providing fake/false news or rumors.

Last week, WHO associated with Whatsapp to create a helpline to provide awareness about health issues related to coronavirus. This help would help the public with information on how they can protect themselves from the spread of the virus, health alerts, etc. It will also answer some FAQs.

Mark Zuckerberg said that they are working with governments of all the countries, especially the Indian government to help them give the right information to the public.

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