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Why could Indians already residing in the US be safe even after the temporary suspension of immigration

Recently, US President Donald Trump has announced the temporary suspension of all the immigration activities to the country. Experts say that this may not affect the Indians already residing in the country. They also said that this move could make the US less attractive to the students who want to go there and build their careers.

The tweet of Donald Trump which says that the blocking of immigration activities is imminent has created confusion among students, and normal people who are awaiting their residency, student, and work visas. However, the US administrative office did not provide further details on this.

According to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services(USCIS), around 27,000 Indians are waiting for their family-sponsored green cards. This is the same agency that administers the visas.

Managing attorney at, Mr. Khanna has said that this is not the first time Trump is trying to suspend the immigration. His idea is to protect the people of the country and the workforce in the country, but cannot affect people from other countries who are already residing in the USA.

Legal experts are predicting that this decision by Trump could be challenged in the court. New-York based immigration lawyer Cyrus D.Mehta has said that this decision by Trump could be faced with multiple lawsuits.

Previously, Trump has come to power by echoing the ani immigration policies and is now seeking re-election in November. So far, under his reign, the US has seen an increase in the economy and employment until corona hit the US. Since then, groups like US Tech workers have asked Trump to suspend immigration and block foreign talent.

Many of the experts feel that this decision could rebound on itself against the USA and no longer the US universities will be attractive to the Indian students. Indian students contribute a lot to the US economy in terms of university fees, etc.

In the latest reports, Indians account for 60% of H1B visas issued by the USA, and experts say that if this decision comes into the act, then the Indian IT companies are the ones that are going to affect the most.

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