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Why these layoffs and pay cuts are not the permanent solution to tackle this pandemic situation

In these difficult times, people are involved in helping others in many different ways. Many are going out of their way to help society in this lockdown. If only people can do this much, everyone expects the organizations to do more. One thing the companies should understand is that this is the time for empathy and understanding. The firms should actively invest, and innovate.

In order for the companies to fully operate in these dire situations, they need their complete support from their employees. Hence organizations should also think that layoffs and job cuts are not the only solutions to tackle this situation. Those are not permanent fixes. The companies put more pressure on the employees in addition to the corona situation, if these job cuts are made. They should invest in their employees for betterment.

Companies should think of different scenarios to support their employees. They should set up training courses for their employees which they couldn’t learn previously due to the hectic schedule. Already some of the companies made these training videos and learning lectures free of cost to encourage their employees.

Firms should also look into the option of giving some free time for their employees to spend this valuable time with their families. They should make efforts in making this situation a good one for their employees. Some of the different ways to do this are to ask their employees to share their stories/memorable events with their families on the company’s page. This might increase the morale of the employees and bring out sense of joy.

Firms should also let employees share their insights and experience of working from home and try to improve it. Companies should also constantly check on the health of their employees and how they coping up in this current scenario. The firms should take the example of the honorable Prime Minister Modi. If he can connect with all the citizens of the nation regularly, firms can also do the same with their employees.

Companies should also motivate their employees to do something for the community and encourage them by giving enough recognition or prizes of some sort. The heads of organizations should feel responsible in making their employees feel motivated.

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